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            設為首頁  收藏本站
            Overseas Projects
            Petrochemical projects
            Ethanol projects
            Coal chemical projects
            Fertilizer projects
            The paper projects
            Metallurgy building materials
            Food and pharmaceutical projec
            Power boiler projects
            The steel structure
            Pipeline projects
            Container projects
            Housing construction project
            Municipal engineering
            Overseas Projects    更多>>
            The refined workshop
            Installation of the construction site
            COFCO Thailand Project
            Petrochemical projects    更多>>
            Main unit of FM-6 project
            Full-view of FM-6 devices
            angzhou petrochemical factory pressure-relief device system...
            Ethanol projects    更多>>
            COFCO Zhaodong Phase III ethanol project
            ZTE energy distillation towers
            ZTE energy ethanol project
            Coal chemical projects    更多>>
            Desulfurization tower and pre-cooling renewable tower
            Final cooling tower, benzol scrubbing unit
            Expansion project of Qitaihe Gasworks
            Fertilizer projects    更多>>
            Cooling exhaust pipelines for fertilizer plant
            Installation of decarbonization tower for fertilizer plant
            Urea synthesizing project of Ning’an fertilizer plant
            The paper projects    更多>>
            The paper mill engineering
            The paper mill project
            Pulping and papermaking equipment installation
            Metallurgy building materials    更多>>
            Installation of kiln body
            Installation of kiln end steel frame
            Furnace building
            Food and pharmaceutical projec    更多>>
            Pharmaceutical equipment installation of Harbin pharmac...
            Cofco longjiang starch project
            Power boiler projects    更多>>
            Electric dedusting unit installation in Ningan
            Longjiang 130t boiler steel structure hoisting
            Cofco longjiang turbine installation
            The steel structure    更多>>
            Boiler steel frame installation
            Tower frame installation
            teel structure workshop in Zhaodong
            Pipeline projects    更多>>
            Long distance pipeline engineering in Pakistan
            Qitaihe industrial pipeline engineering
            Long distance pipeline project in Xinjiang
            Container projects    更多>>
            Manufacturing of storage tank for Qitaihe Coal chemica p...
            Manufacturing of stainless steel fermentation tank for Co...
            COFCO Zhaodong Phase III fermentation device
            Housing construction project    更多>>
            Yangzhou Jiangdu Hotel
            Yangzhou Jinrun International Hotel
            Yangzhou Jingjiang Hotel
            Municipal engineering    更多>>
            Road engineering
            Bridge engineering
            Yangzhou sewage treatment plant
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